Ramadhan Timetable 1442/2021 – Donations – Online Lectures – Drive Thru Iftar

Ramadhan Announcement

Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your families. May Allah (swt) bless you and your loved ones.

The 1st of Ramadan will coincide on Wednesday April 14th, 2021. 

Since the COVID19 situation is still an ongoing issue, just like last year we will  be having live and recorded lectures with different Ulema, Scholars and Professors during the key nights of Ramadhan.

Below you can find the Salat Times for Ramadhan. Please check with your Marja Thaqleed about Ihtiyat for Salat Times.


The Centre is not in current use, yet there are ongoing expenses during these times. We encourage all community members to donate generously via electronic money transfer (EMT), PayPal, cheque or cash donations.

Tax receipts are available for those who require them. Please contact the Centre directly @ 204-688-3736 or email. 

Click here to donate online →

Quran Recitation

Recitation of the Holy Qu’ran – http://www.parsquran.com/

Online Lectures

i) Hikmat Institute – Alḥamdulillāh, this is an online course for the entire Month of Ramadhan in English based on the Tasfeer e Qu’ran by 18 recognized Ulema, Scholars and Professors. See attached poster for information. Certifications will be provided and you need to register online.

ii) Tafseer of Surah Saad – H.I. Mohammad Ali Shomali – English – Starting April 13th @ 6 PM CST. You can join via YouTube, Facebook or kawthar.org/live

iii) Finding Peace in a Chaotic World – Various Scholars/Professors – English/Spanish – Starting April 17th.  Please follow the link or QR Code.

Drive Thru Iftar 

Since we have restrictions regarding the number of people who are able to come to the Centre. If anyone wishes to provide Iftar via Drive Thru at the Centre it can be arranged. Stay tuned for more details tomorrow.

Iltmeas e Dua
Yaseen Islamic Centre