Al-Zahra Islamic School


  • AL-ZAHRA School is one of  ALZAHRA Islamic Centre programs in Mississauga, Ontario. ALZAHRA Centre supervises the different activities run by the school, appoints its administration and teaching staff, and continually supports it in order to achieve its objectives.
  • The school aims at teaching children, from ages 5 to 18, Islamic religion and Arabic language in such a way as to be able to use the knowledge and skills learned in their daily life.  Children are to be taught how to behave in the proper Islamic conduct and behavior.
  • ALZAHRA school is opened weekly on Sunday only from 9:30 AM to

 1:30 PM. The teaching hours will be separated by some social and sport activities as well as play time. 

  • The school teaches the following curriculum:
  • Arabic language:  Arabic language will be presented to the students in an interactive and delightful manner where both written and spoken language will be practiced.  Only eloquent Arabic language will be used and no dialects will be used in class.
  • Islamic religion:  This includes the following:
    1. To learn how to read and recite Qur’an as well as memorize some of its chapters.
    2. To understand and memorize some of the prophethood traditions (Hadith of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him).
    3. To understand and memorize some of the Ahlulbait traditions (Hadith of Ahlulbait peace be upon them).
    4. To study the prophethood and Ahlulbait Biography (Seerah).
    5. To learn and practice some of the Islamic etiquettes and manners.
    6. To learn the principles and branches of Islam.


The administration of ALZAHRA School, in an effort to have a successful mission, has put together some internal regulations which relate to the students, the parents, and the teaching staff as follows:


Each and every student should comply with the following:

  1. To come to school every Sunday morning at 9:20 AM.
  2. To go over the taught lessons at home from previous weeks.
  3. To pay attention in class, behave well with other students, and obey the teachers and the supervisors.
  4. Not to leave the class before time without taking the teacher’s permission.
  5. Take care of the school possessions and ensure their cleanliness.
  6. Check his/her belongings, making sure nothing is missing before leaving the school. The school administration is not responsible for lost or misplaced items.
  7. Act in an Islamic way with others and avoid using offensive words.
  8. Chewing gum is completely prohibited inside the classroom.
  9. Students should try their best to speak in Arabic while at school.
  10. Running, screaming or fighting will not be tolerated inside the school.


The parents are kindly requested to cooperate with the school administration and with the teachers to ensure the proper functioning of the school with regard to the following:

  1. Going over the above-mentioned regulations relating to the students with their children.
  2. The regular follow-up of their children’s lessons and homework together with the weekly signing of their children’s progress notes.  Constructive comments from the parents are always welcome.
  3. Informing the school administration with any circumstances that may prevent the student from attending his/her classes such as illness, travel…etc.
  4. It is imperative that the children come to school on time.
  5. In the event that a student is late for class over 15 minutes, he or she will not be allowed into the class without obtaining a permission card from the administration.  Getting three consecutive cards will result in issuing a warning letter to the parents indicating the possibility of dismissing the student from school if delayed arrivals are to continue.
  6. The parent is responsible for informing the school administration early in the morning if the child will be picked up before the end of the school day.
  7. It will be appreciated if parents wait for their children at the school entrance and do not interrupt the classes or speak with the teachers while classes are in progress.
  8. If a parent would like to discuss any issues with the class teacher, it is necessary to arrange an appointment in advance with the school administration.
  9. The administration as well as the teaching staff will be happy to cooperate with the parents in solving any problems that may face their child at school or during the learning process.
  10. Kindly abide by the school holidays and the official holidays as specified by the school.
  11. It is expected that parents will refrain from bringing their sick children (with a contagious disease) to school and coordinating with the school in this regard.
  12. Parents are requested to pick their children at the end of school day on time


Rewarding the highly achieving and polite students will be complemented in the following circumstances:

  1. Obtaining high marks during interval and final exams.
  2. Coming on time to classes with regular attendance and no absence from school.
  3. When homework is regularly completed on time.
  4. If the student shows enthusiasm in the class and interacts positively with the teacher and other students.
  5. If the student is polite both inside and outside the class.


The school administration holds the right to punish a misbehaving student by preventing him/her from attending school for one weekend.  This procedure is preceded by a written letter to the parents with this regard.  If the problem(s) persist, the administration holds the right to expel the student from school.  The following offences can trigger the above-mentioned punishment process:

  1. Disturbing the class or using offensive words inside the school.
  2. Disrespect to the teaching or administration staff.
  3. Vandalism of the school possessions.
  4. Acting in a hostile way with other students in the school.
  5. If the student persistently misses completing homework or writing assignments.
  6. Absence from school for three consecutive weeks without an acceptable excuse.


In order to have a successful school year, the teachers have to abide by the following:

  1. The school day starts at 9:15 AM.  Attendance on time is mandatory.  In case of absence, please notify the school administration at least two days in advance.
  2. It is prohibited to discuss any issues with the parents while the class is in progress.
  3. Every teacher is responsible for keeping an eye on his/her students during the break.
  4. Conforming to the assigned or agreed upon curriculum is expected.
  5. Assigning homework to the students and following them up is part of the educational process.
  6. Teachers ought to only use the Arabic language both inside and outside the class.
  7. Preparing the exams shall be early enough and the administration shall be handed a copy one week before the exam day.
  8. Each teacher shall have a notebook with the description of the contents of each class given to the students.
  9. The attendance sheet shall be taken on a weekly basis and handed to the administration.
  10. Creativity in preparing and presenting the lessons as well as having interactive teaching sessions are encouraged.
  11. Any disobedient or trouble making children shall be dealt with by the administration only.
  12. A collection of Arabic books, booklets, magazines and stories will be available at the school for use by the teachers and students.


The school administration abides by the following:

  1. Ensures the implementation of the above-mentioned regulations to students, parents, and the teaching staff.
  2. Closely follows up the educational process in order to have a successful school year.
  3. Should be continually present on school days.
  4. Cooperates with the parents in the best possible way.
  5. Supervises the students’ entry and exit from the school premises.
  6. Organizes/coordinates exams and competitions with the teaching staff.
  7. Organizes field trips as well as parties and other recreational activities.
  8. The administration shall keep strong ties and possibly have joint activities with other Islamic schools in the area.